Camping We Will Go..!!

The Campsited Crowdfunding Campaign has been a great success. Having set a target of €250K, the campaign reached €277K on the Spark Crowdfunding Platform. The campaign is now closed at 111% funded. Congratulations to Finán and all the team at Campsited for overachieving and well done for all the hard work. Thanks to all the investors who took part andread more

A Beginners Guide To Equity Crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is a simple, low cost way for entrepreneurs and companies to raise money from a wide pool of investors to fund their new ventures. A company post its Project on the crowdfunding website and specifies how much money it is looking to raise and for what percentage of the company.  Think of it as an online Dragons more


You want to invest in a company but you’re not sure. They have a good idea and an exciting business plan but you want to know more about who’s behind it. Well now it’s easier than ever!! Spark Crowdfunding have introduced Webinar sessions to their platform. On your PC or mobile phone, you can tune into a live webinar sessionread more


You may be considering Equity Crowdfunding and investing in a high potential start-up. Perhaps one of the companies with a live campaign on the Spark Crowdfunding Platform may suit you. If so you should know the following: While it’s advisable to do your own research before investing in a company. Spark Crowdfunding will have done a lot of the dueread more

Imagine planning a trip abroad without the help of or Trivago to book a hotel

It would be a very difficult task to say the least. Believe it or not up to last year it has been like that for booking camping holidays. With no central booking platform you had to go from one camping website to another to look for availability, price, facilities etc. So if you wanted to book a camping holiday forread more

Invest in either Campsited or Sproose and get 40% of your investment back in the form of a tax rebate.

If you invest e.g. €1,000 in either Campsited or Sproose, you will receive €400 back in the form of a tax rebate. So you are actually buying €1,000 worth of shares for €600. In other words, you can buy those shares at a 40% discount. Example of the EIIS in action Campsited and Sproose are two campaigns that are liveread more

The Spark Crowdfunding Investment Club is open to IIBN Members.

You can meet the Spark Crowdfunding team at the IIBN Annual Conference today Friday 09 November at the Royal College of Physicians at Setanta Place, Dublin. Spark Crowdfunding is the only equity crowdfunding platform in Ireland and we have launched our investment club. If you are an IIBN member, you maybe interested in investing in various stage companies including more

The Spark Crowdfunding Daily News is Out.. Let’s see what’s happening with Crowdfunding today.

When most entrepreneurs think about raising money online, hopping on Kickstarter is probably what comes to mind. But, the big brand name in crowdfunding has its drawbacks — most notably, that only 36 percent of its campaigns get funded. So many campaigns run on Kickstarter these days, it can be hard to stand out from the pack. The good news?read more

The Steps to Being Ready for Crowdfunding?

If you know how equity crowdfunding works, it’s time to answer the big question: Is equity crowdfunding right for your startup? The following questions are those that equity investors will ask about your startup. See if your answers indicate your business is ready for equity crowdfunding and are you taking the right steps to start a crowdfunding campaign. Is yourread more

Spark Crowdfunding Launch 3 Hot New Fundraising Campaigns

Spark Crowdfunding launches three new fundraising campaigns on their equity crowdfunding platform in Ireland. After several successful campaigns to date, Spark Crowdfunding has now launched a new batch of hot campaigns including Campsited, Sproose and Tenant Passport. All campaigns have great investment potential. Campsited is a centralised online booking system that allows you to book a camping holiday anywhere inread more