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Fleet Smashes Through €100K Barrier

Fleet have passed the €100,000 milestone. In just the first two weeks their campaign the exact figure they have raised is €102,000, which is 37% of their target. Fleet is a person to person online car sharing platform.  You can read more about Fleet and follow their progress here. If you are interested in launching a campaign on Spark orread more

Equity Crowdfunding Success Made Simple Through Spark

If your business needs funding to grow, then you should talk to the professionals at Spark Crowdfunding today. Whether you’re a startup business or already running we can help you get the necessary funding. How can Spark help you on the road to success? We can tailor make a crowdfunding campaign especially for your business. We have thousands of investorsread more


How Awesome is the EIIS Scheme for Irish Investors?

“If you invest €10,000 in that company, you will receive €4,000 back in the form of a tax rebate, so you’re actually buying €10,000 worth of shares for €6,000. In other words, you can buy those shares at a 40% discount.” That’s how the conversation started. I was aware that the Irish Government had some incentive scheme to encourage investorsread more

Chris Burge CEO of Spark Crowdfunding signs off with ‘Serenity & Grace’

  FASHION TAKES CENTRE STAGE THIS WEEK WITH SPARK CROWDFUNDING Another successful campaign is signed off by Chris Burge, CEO of Spark crowdfunding and Ann Marie McDonagh of Serenity & Grace. The campaign target of €50,000 was over subscribed and achieved a whopping €56,100 from 25 investors. Well done to everyone involved!! Serenity & Grace is a fast-growing online fashionread more

Irish Investors can now invest in Start-ups with Equity Crowdfunding

If you had invested $1,000 in Apple in August 2008, it would be worth about $9,200 today. That is a return of 820% over a 10 year period. The challenge for investors is to identify the next Apple, or the next Airbnb or Uber, because for every Apple, there are plenty of companies that deliver no return on investment. Thisread more

Irish Crowdfunding Options For Startups

Crowdfunding is the financing of a new business idea or project by raising finance from a number of different people/investors. The Main Advantage of Crowdfunding is you get access to capital through an online platform and with a lot less red tape than through traditional means of raising finance. The main crowdfunding platforms in Ireland are as follows: SPARK CROWDFUNDING:read more


Fleet launches Equity Crowdfunding campaign on Spark Crowdfunding

On Thursday, 2 August, Fleet launched an exciting new equity crowdfunding campaign on the Spark Crowdfunding platform. You can view the Fleet campaign here. Fleet is a Person to Person Car Sharing app. If you own a car you can rent it out to others on a daily basis; if you want to rent a car, you can choose fromread more


7 Types of Content to Promote your Campaign on Spark Crowdfunding

You don’t need to be a marketing guru to crowdfund, but you do need to think about how you’re going to promote your Spark Crowdfunding project to ensure it gets as much exposure as possible. The more people who view your equity crowdfunding campaign the higher the chances of success. In order to successfully crowdfund, you need people to supportread more


How To Produce An Effective And Successful Crowdfunding Campaign Video

The use of informative videos has become a popular means to pitch a successful crowdfunding campaign. The American platform Kickstarter has noted that projects with videos succeed at a rate of 50%, as opposed to 30% without. Moreover, according to Indiegogo, those with videos raise 4 times more funds than campaigns without one.  It is easy to understand why. Aread more