CRO#: 556064

Bray Wanderers


One of 20 prof. clubs in the League of Ireland, Bray Wanderers is seeking investment from supporters and investors to scale the business and ultimately secure a place in Europe.
by Tony Richardson
42% Funded
€ 500,000 Funding goal
€ 208,350 Invested

Company Summary :


  • A highly experienced management team who have expertise in football, international business and investment markets have invested in Bray Wanderers. The management team have put the club on sound financial footing and the next phase of the strategy is to invest in facilities and its football talent pipeline with an ambition to uniquely allow Spark investors and fans alike to co-invest and pursue an ambition to compete in European competition in 3-5 years.
  • Club is on track to generate over €850k in annual revenues and be cashflow positive in the current fiscal year.
  • Management team is backing its vision with €1m of personal monies.
  • Every year 4 out of 20 LOI clubs gain entry to European club competitions.
  • This 5:1 ratio of opportunity has attracted foreign investment in LOI clubs from US, Canada and Turkey.
  • Bray Wanderers’ positioning as a provider of  LOI football for a target market of 150,000 people between South County Dublin and Wicklow is potentially the best growth opportunity in the LOI.



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