Investor Suitability Test

Investing in private or unlisted companies can be rewarding, but it also involves risks of which investors should be aware.
If you choose to invest in companies raising funds on the Spark Crowdfunding website, you need to be able to show you understand the risks involved.
Please answer the following questions to demonstrate your understanding.
Most early-stage companies fail:
Early-stage or private companies may not perform in accordance with the financial projections or forecasts made by those companies:
If an early-stage company fails, investors in that company may lose all of the money invested in that company:
Early-stage companies usually do not pay dividends:
Investors in early-stage companies usually cannot get their money back for a considerable period of time, and sometimes not at, if the company fails:
There is no established secondary market for investors to sell shares in early-stage or private unlisted companies:
Investors in early-stage or private unlisted companies may not recover the full amount of their investment and could possibly lose all of their investment:
Investors in early-stage or private unlisted companies should seek their own advice in relation to taxation, based on their own personal circumstances:
Future economic, legislative or political changes may affect the way in which investment returns are taxed:

Liquid Asset Statement

Please specify the amount* of available funds you have to invest in early-stage or private companies.

*Liquid assets, for these purposes, does not include your primary residence (or any loan secured on that residence). Any investment you make in a company on the Spark Crowdfunding platform must account for no more 10% of your liquid assets. For example, if you have Liquid Assets of €50,000, you should not invest more than €5,000 in any single company.

Indemnity Statement

I acknowledge that Spark Crowdfunding is purely a digital platform and I will not rely on Spark Crowdfunding for my investment decisions. I will seek my own investment and taxation advice for any investment decisions I make.