Imagine planning a trip abroad without the help of or Trivago to book a hotel

It would be a very difficult task to say the least. Believe it or not up to last year it has been like that for booking camping holidays. With no central booking platform you had to go from one camping website to another to look for availability, price, facilities etc. So if you wanted to book a camping holiday for you and the family it was close on impossible.

Now thankfully, there is a central booking platform for camping trips and it’s called

Now you can book in advance camping sites and caravan parks across the world. You can select the country you want to travel to, the locality, see what’s available on the dates you want to travel, see the facilities onsite, select the best deals and you can do this all at the same time on the one platform How good is that? is the new for camping sites and you won’t be surprised to hear it’s growing very fast. With more and more people accessing the platform and with a market potential of €10 billion to be spent on campsite bookings each year by 2020 need to scale up.

To scale up and meet future demand are raising funds of €250,000 to expand their business offering. In return they will give 5.26% of equity in the company. If you are thinking of investing you might want to hurry as they have already raised €110K. To find out more about investing in click here

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