You may be considering Equity Crowdfunding and investing in a high potential start-up. Perhaps one of the companies with a live campaign on the Spark Crowdfunding Platform may suit you. If so you should know the following:

  • While it’s advisable to do your own research before investing in a company. Spark Crowdfunding will have done a lot of the due diligence in the first place. Information on a company is gathered before a campaign is launched. For example, is the company registered, who the founders are, who owns the shares, does the company have any debt, what is the trading track record and financial history and a tax clearance certificate is required before a campaign is launched.
  • You can most likely become an investor for as little as €100.
  • When you invest into a company you get equity (a share) in the company. You will own a percentage of that company.
  • You should be aware that not all start-ups are successful. However, when you do invest, the idea is that you get a return of a multiple of your investment at a future date. This can happen when the company is bought over or if there is a management buy out (MBO) or (IPO) where the shares are traded on the open market.
  • The legal work involved with investing into a company and receiving a share allocation is done and paid for on your behalf.
  • If you want to invest in a campaign on the Spark Crowdfunding platform you simply register as a subscriber and then choose the company that excites you the most.
  • When you find the company to invest in, you pledge the amount you want to invest. You don’t actually pay until after the campaign is deemed successful.
  • A lot of the companies that are on the Spark Crowdfunding platform are eligible for the Revenue EIIS tax incentive scheme. So if you invest €100 you will receive 40% back as a tax rebate. This means you will get €100 worth of shares for €60.

There are campaigns live on the Spark Crowdfunding platform now, that need investors like you. Go HERE to see the campaigns OR email us for more information at OR pick up the phone and call us on +353 1 4433 944. We’d love to talk to you or meet with you and take you through the simple steps to becoming an investor.

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