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One of 20 prof. clubs in the League of Ireland, Bray Wanderers is seeking investment from supporters and investors to scale the business and ultimately secure a place in Europe.

€ 500,000 Target

Open for investment

42% funded
€ 208,350Invested
20.00% Equity
AVeta has developed a technology to treat vaginal atrophy, a progressive and chronic condition that affects 80% of women over the age of 51.

€ 1,200,000 Target

Open for investment

88% funded
€ 1,050,923Invested
23.07% Equity


Medical device company which has developed an innovative minimally-invasive implant to revolutionise how doctors treat and manage millions of patients.

€ 500,000 Target

185% funded
€ 924,000Invested
1.51% Equity


Med Tech
Pumpinheart is a Pre-revenue Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland spin-out developing a 'cath lab' implantable heart pump to treat advanced stage diastolic Heart Failure.

€ 500,000 Target

170% funded
€ 851,533Invested
14.20% Equity

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Cell Therapy/BioTech
by Dr. Holger Mueller


What impressed us most about Spark was their product and market knowledge. We'd be happy to recommend them to other companies looking to raise early stage funding.

Maurice Sheehy,  Founder, Fleet

“From the first meeting, there has been great engagement from Spark. They have supported us through every step of the fundraising process and are always there for guidance, which makes us feel that they are part of our team."

Fiona Moloney,  CEO, HaloSoS

It was a whirlwind, it was exciting, I am really delighted we did the Spark campaign and I wouldn’t look back.

Sonia Neary,  CEO, Wellola

The Spark team gave excellent advice on promoting our campaign to our own network, and were also active in promoting it to their database of previous investors. I would strongly recommend Spark to any company seeking investment

Michael White,  CEO, Motarme

Our experience with Spark was really positive. Their assistance in preparing the documents for the campaign was brilliant – they made it very easy. Webinars hosted by Spark worked well and resulted in larges spikes of investment.

Gary Redmond,  CEO and Co-Founder, Busterbox

“We'd be happy to recommend Spark to other start-ups who are considering raising investment for their business as a very strong option. We found Spark very easy to deal with and we were able to reach and exceed our target investment."

Patrick McDermott,  CEO, Digitally

The Spark team guided us through the entire process and we felt confident with the extent of that we would meet our target. Spark provide a vital role in the startup community and I would recommend them when looking at fundraising

Oliver Kirwan,  CEO, HotFoot

“The team at Spark were highly knowledgeable and helped us at every stage during our campaign. Most importantly, they introduced us to a large number of potential investors who were familiar with the space.”

Dr. Oran Rigby,  CEO, Akkure Genomics

'Working with the team at Spark enabled us to raise money quickly and with ease. The process took 12 weeks from start to finish. I would highly recommend Spark to any Founder seeking to raise money in Ireland.'

Jenni Timony,  CEO, FitPink

Raising funds can be time consuming and tricky, Spark introduced ASX to a great network of investors, and also did much of the heavy lifting. This allowed us to raise funds while continuing to focus on growing our business.

Paddy Power,  Founder and President, ASX

Spark delivered exactly what we wanted, A well-managed, straight forward process delivering investors and potential customers through the publicity that we received. A great option for anyone seeking an alternative

John Brady,  CEO and Co-Founder, Bowsy

"We have been extremely impressed with the way Spark Crowdfunding helped us plan our fundraising campaign and introduced us to their extensive database of investors.  We also generated vast amount of free media exposure from the crowdfunding

Mike Fitzgerald,  Director & Chairman, Net Feasa

We recently raised €1.5m on the Spark platform in just 21 days. The level of support and guidance we received from [the team at Spark] was unparalleled and we were provided with valuable advice on how to optimise our campaign. We would highly recommend Spark Crowdfunding to any growing start-up looking for a new way to raise funds.

Dr. John Thompson,  CEO, Aurigen Medical

The process of raising funds with Spark was very easy. They seamlessly steered us through the campaign preparation and close-out so that we received the investment very quickly. As a B2B SaaS start-up we were pleasantly surprised at the support and investment from retail investors. I would highly recommend any start-up to use Spark to raise funds for their business.

Rob Fox,  CEO, Site Passport

Our experience in going through the campaign with Spark crowdfunding has been wonderfully positive. We raised more than double our objectives and in less than 4 weeks!. We were very well prepared and supported throughout by a genuinely very hard working team behind the scenes at Spark and we would have no hesitation in recommending them and the campaign that they will assist in setting up and driving home with and for you!

Aidan Finn,  CEO, Binarii Labs

Completed Campaigns

Wholesale Food Tech
100% funded
€ 500,000Invested
12.50% Equity


127% funded
€ 2,090,257Invested
100.00% Equity


119% funded
€ 1,126,415Invested
24.05% Equity


108% funded
€ 2,710,682Invested
6.17% Equity


107% funded
€ 3,223,900Invested
10.71% Equity


132% funded
€ 1,977,481Invested
4.55% Equity